David M. Cole, MS, BCBA

My research and practice span basic, translational, and applied interests. As a clinical consultant, supervisor, and director for eight years, I practiced behavior analysis with developmentally disabled populations in homes, schools, and treatments centers from Florida to California. As a master's degree student at St. Cloud State University, I developed Formative Grapher, an open-source application that aids scientists and clinicians with plotting time-series data.

As a doctoral student in the interdisciplinary neuroscience program at Utah State Univeristy, I study decision-making under the mentorship of Dr. David A. E. Bolton. My research employs humans and animal models and diverse behavioral and biological tools to answer questions like How do temporal parameters alter choice? and What is the role of cortical circuits in response inhibition? For my research, I have won intramural and extramural awards, including for dissemination from Psi Chi/Noba Psychology/The Diener Education Fund. I have presented my research at conferences including the Association for Behavior Analysis International (2017, 2018) and the Utah Association for Behavior Analysis.

I have taught Analysis of Behavior: Basic Principles and Neuroscience I, laboratory courses at Utah State University, and I currently teach an introductory research design and statistics course. I have served on the board of the Four Corners Association for Behavior Analysis and have reviewed grant proposals for the Association for Psychological Science. Annually, I interview applicants for Washington University in St. Louis, my undergraduate alma matter.

Outside of the laboratory, I rock climb and alpine mountaineer.