David M. Cole, MS, BCBA

My research and practice span basic, translational, and applied interests. As a clinical consultant, supervisor, and director for eight years, I practiced behavior analysis with developmentally disabled populations in homes, schools, and treatments centers from Florida to California. As a master's degree student at St. Cloud State University, I developed Formative Grapher, an open-source application that aids scientists and clinicians with plotting time-series data.

As a doctoral student in the interdisciplinary neuroscience program at Utah State Univeristy, I study decision making as it relates to impulsivity as well as risk of falling under the advisorship of David Bolton. For my research, I have won intramural and extramural awards, including for dissemination from Psi Chi/Noba Psychology/The Diener Education Fund. I have presented my research at conferences including the Association for Behavior Analysis International (2017, 2018) and the Utah Association for Behavior Analysis.

I have taught Analysis of Behavior: Basic Principles and Neuroscience I, laboratory courses at Utah State University, and I currently teach an introductory research design and statistics course. I have served on the board of the Four Corners Association for Behavior Analysis and have reviewed grant proposals for the Association for Psychological Science. Annually, I interview applicants for Washington University in St. Louis, my undergraduate alma matter.

Outside of the laboratory, I rock climb and alpine mountaineer.