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Version 1.11 (Nov 2016)
Version 1.8 (Aug 2016)
Version 1.5 (May 2016)

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Recent Citations

APA Style

If you found Formative Grapher helpful for producing plots for publication, please consider citing the journal article or software below!

Journal Article: Cole, D. M., & Witts, B. N. (2015). Formative graphing with a Microsoft Excel 2013 template. Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice, 15, 171–186.

Software: Cole, D. M. (2017). Formative Grapher (Version 1.11) [Computer software].

Video Tutorial: Cole, D. M. ( (2017, February 20). Getting started with Formative Grapher [Video file]. Retrieved from

Formative Grapher Citations

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A free application for graphing time-series data in Microsoft Excel 2010 and later, Formative Grapher is designed for consistency with APA Style.

Automated Features

Breaks in data pathsCondition labels & lines
Criterion linesDate–session conversion
Figure captionsFloating y axes
1-click cumulative scales1-click logarithmic scales
Scale breaksTier-stacking & doglegs
Pie charts showing that students graphed more accurately, in less time, and with greater ease with Formative Grapher

Based on Cole and Witts (2015). Top plots aggregate data across two conditions. Bottom plot codes ratings of difficult as 0, moderately difficult as 1, and easy as 2.

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