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In your search for a supervisor for the next year (plus), you will find many options with the general expertise to meet your needs in most situations. So, in making a decision, consider which supervisory experiences and interests may accelerate your particular goals. To inform your choice, this page describes distinctive resources I afford my remote and in-situ supervisees. For questions or to schedule a mutual interview by teleconference, see the contact form below.


David M. Cole, MS, BCBA, PhD Candidate | BACB Certification #1-15-21263

Verbal Behavior

I’ve heard it repeatedly said that children will never speak if not by x years of age. I and my advisees have repeatedly proven otherwise. Among my successes are three 10+ year olds with autism who progressed from uttering their first word to speaking in short intelligible sentences in under a year.

It would be ethically fraught to promise families similar outcomes. But together, we can assure clients that we have a track record of success with a robust and flexible technology. Specifically, these applications of verbal behavior entailed expert-level execution of processes we use daily, like shaping, combined with underutilized techniques, like spaced repetition and choral speech.


If your objectives include presenting or publishing research, I can guide you from conception to ethical implementation through letter of acceptance.

See my CV for a detailed record of publications, research grants, and international conference presentations, including multiple awards for these efforts. My research spans the experimental analysis of behavior with rodents to organizational behavior management with applied behavior analysts to neuroscience research with tools like electroencephalography (EEG), transcranial magnetic stimuluation (TMS), and neuroimaging.

Generalized Experience

Applied behavior analysis is a robust and thriving field. Where you are now or want to be tomorrow may evolve. I am equipped to advise you on this journey, with experience across treatment settings, neurobehavioral disorders, and professional roles in behavior analysis and beyond.

My journey in behavior analysis began as a behavior specialist in homes and schools in the Midwest, after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis. Then, as a Clinical Supervisor in California, a Consultant in Florida, and eventually a Clinical Director in Colorado, I expanded my expertise to include infants to the elderly, common disorders like autism to rare genetic ones like Prader Willi Syndrome, in-house clinics to state facilities. Meanwhile, I obtained my BCaBA through University of North Texas and my BCBA through St. Cloud State University. Currently, my days are filled with teaching and doctoral studies.

Technical Expertise

Whether formatting data sheets, plotting data, calculating IOA or descriptive statistics, generating PECS or teaching materials, or establishing a professional presence online, behavior analysts are most effective and efficient when they are digitally fluent. As a supervisor, I can guide you in acquiring these skills sets as well as independently contract to produce custom products for use in your practice.

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